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Bowen Technique, an effective treatment for Back Pain

Bowen Technique, an effective treatment for Back Pain


When we hurt our back or we just start to develop back pain it is sometimes difficult to know what action to take especially if we haven’t had any problems in this area before.

Visiting the Doctor is often the right place to start especially if you have had a serious injury or are in acute pain as it may be serious and that you require medical assistance or an X ray . However it is important to note that unless the doctor is specialized in this area that most will either as a suggested treatment refer you to a physio or give you pain killers and recommend that you rest.

It is however at these times unless it is obvious how you developed the back pain, to understand and look at the nature of your pain as a whole and why you are having this problem in order to give the best treatment not only so you can live a healthy life but to also not let it hold you back from life.

Back Pain is a very common phenomena seen in society these days it seems that majority of people can hardly get through the day without experiencing some sort of back pain.

Often i see back pain to be related to our emotional states, how we live our lives and the way we are relating to our daily stress, worries and concerns. Therefore bringing attention to these areas as well as the physical symptoms is of the upmost importance and so providing the right treatment in alignment with that can have amazing and profound results.

The Bowen Technique can address many types of back pain and works particularly well with Acute Back pain.

The Bowen Technique has a less is more approach and combined with the gentle rolling type moves which are performed over precise points of the body this can help greatly to relax the muscles and soft tissue which can often bring about Pain relief, healing and recovery.

When the body is in pain it has often gone into a contraction to naturally protect itself so the last thing it needs is hard force or manipulation as a way to try and bring it out of that contraction.  The gentle , simple non invasive Moves of the Bowen Technique help to move the body out of fight and flight and into a more restful relaxed state.

The Bowen Technique honours the fact that the body is intelligent and has an innate wisdom to heal itself and bring itself back into balance and alignment. In truth Bowen helps to Unravel and unwind the tensions that are held in the person not only on a physical level but also emotionally and mentally consequently leading to a natural healing process that the wisdom of the body can recognise and align itself to easily.

It is important not to ignore pain because it is simply the way your body is communicating with you , it is telling you that it is not happy and that it needs your attention.

When You, the Bowen Practitioner and the Bowen  itself work together more often than not relief can be found in a natural way.

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Bowen Technique, an effective treatment for Back Pain