The most insidious self-created energy drain of all.

Tarot coaching consultations

Suffering is an important aspect of life for us Humans, it has to be experienced in its depth to somehow open something in our soul as well as to motivate us to seek true peace, freedom, independence, and self-love.

Self-love is the foundation of our souls and the foundation of our evolution and we are growing into self-love as we grow into ourselves.

It is quite strange how poor the relationship is that we have with ourselves, we live and we define ourselves through all the many interactions we have with the external world and with what kind of input the external world gives back to us.

This never-ending merging with and away from something is certainly a natural ebb and flow of life but if not done cleanly, consciously, and healthily it begins to create energetic threads and forged pathways that go back and forth over and over again making it harder and harder for us to choose other paths or different ways of being and/or ways to communicate.

Cutting the ties that bind
Gathering in the Tendrils

Over time these energetic threads become like Tendrils that upon waking every day become reinforced, rebuilt, and once again almost hypnotically placed back into the external, be that a person, place, an event, a feeling or memory until all those pathways have been created again for another day all before we have even got out of bed because all of these things are, how we know we exist and how we define who we are in each day, its what makes us familiar to ourselves and to others.

The problem with this is that for every tendril we release into the past something or other, the more of our precious energy becomes dispersed and is in a very strange way almost committed to reestablishing that for the whole day, week, month, and often years ahead, the inevitable outcome apart from being completely miserable and stagnant with this rinse and repeat way of life is that our life force seriously becomes compromised and diminished.

There are many repercussions of this which we can see play out in the common themes of Mental and Physical health in society but today for this article, my focus is on one particular area where we lose so much of our energy which is equal to power and that is within relationships, all kinds of encounters romantic or unromantic, however, what I see in my Tarot coaching practice often impacting a person and really holding them back in life is a lot of the time known and unknown to themselves that they are still feeling energetically bound to a past intimate relationship that created entanglement be that a long or short term one. Either way, this can leave devastating effects on our energy system as well as our hearts because of these Tendrils that I already mentioned, and also I feel it’s important to emphasize here that this other person who we feel keeps us stuck and perplexed may not even be alive anymore.

When I am doing a Tarot reading for someone this particular subject we are discussing here can show up in the many meanings and messages of the cards, I can see when the energy is stuck, stagnant, or is hitting a wall and where and when these blockages and barriers are arising. There are Tarot card spreads that can show me where you have been and where you are right now and where the energy REALLY wants to go, there really is no hiding:) and if you are here with me I’m guessing you are serious about not wanting to do that anymore or begin to identify how it is you are doing that.

Bringing all of these things into the light, affirming what’s true, and feeling into what needs to happen for you to give your life meaning and direction again not only creates Impact and Transformation but is also incredibly Healing in a gentle and loving way and the ultimate outcome of this is that you begin to restore and claim back your radiant energy again and can now with direction continue back on your path to living the vibrant life you are destined for but have along the way strayed away from because your energy has become fractured.

In a Tarot consultation as well as using the cards I also may offer ways to help you strengthen what I call your sacred container and today here I wanted to offer something practical for you to do right now to support this process of becoming lighter, centered, and confidently able to release valuable energy that is bound up with another from the past, this can feel massively relieving and create space within us to breathe again.

I have recorded below for you a relaxing cord cutting exercise that you can do laying down or sitting in a meditation posture either one is fine as long as you can feel relaxed and remain alert to follow the practice.

Cord cutting Exercise

If you would like to take your inner work further and go deeper into what is going on and how you can participate with what is calling and changing the trajectory of your life through the use of Tarot then I would be honored to help facilitate that journey with you.

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With love, Melanie