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A Whole Health Care System not based on Diagnosing or treating Symptoms only.

Being guided to re-connect & re-establish communication within the body/mind, in the order that it wants it, will bring about better results.
Here are the 10  top reasons you should consider Bowen Therapy & Energy Healing combined as a Viable Pain Relief Alternative and learn how it can dramatically benefit you long term and provide you with the results you are looking for.
  1. It is completely Non-Invasive this means no hard force or manipulation is used or believed to be necessary.
  2. The majority of the time it brings about fast, lasting and effective results.
  3. In most circumstances, if we can’t make some lasting change to your condition in 3 treatments then we will stop and refer you on, which means you save time and money on having weeks of treatment.
  4. It has often been proven to work when nothing else does.
  5. There is no diagnosis or just treating symptoms that are presented, instead, we are reestablishing communication to those parts of you that have become imbalanced through everyday stress internally or from your outer environment, bringing about greater healing and understanding to deep-rooted problems.
  6. The less is more approach honors and gently encourages the body’s innate wisdom to find its own solutions.
  7. Bowen therapy is revolutionizing the professional sports arena because of its known profound effects on acute conditions and sports injuries.
  8. This light-touch bodywork can be performed over clothing & is so gentle making it suitable for all ages including newborn babies and the elderly.
  9. This is a highly energetic treatment which means it has the power to address our Emotional and Mental states as well as the Physical making it even more impactful and integrative to most conditions.
  10. Bowen is a subtle energetic, nerve, muscle, connective tissue technique that enables the body to regulate itself, allowing many of the symptoms that were a result of trauma, stress, or injury to resolve and repair.
After extensive research and surveying 200 of my clients, most of the questions people ask have been answered here on this website.
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