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what is the Bowen Technique

What is the Bowen Technique?

What is the Bowen Technique?

what is the Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique or also commonly known as Bowen Therapy is a non invasive hands on Body work that doesnt use any hard force or manipulation. This makes the Bowen Technique or Bowen Therapy  suitable for all ages including the elderly and new born babies.

This light touch body work can be performed easily over light clothing and most of the moves can also be performed in a chair if it is not possible for the person to lay down on a table.

When it comes to The Bowen Technique  it has been proven many times over that Less really is More and so when this Body work is applied from this place within the practitioner the body which is feeling pain and discomfort is much more receptive to this gentle touch, and seems to understand and therfore respond in a way that brings about relief, recovery , healing or simply relaxation through the muscular system.

If you think for a moment how you feel when you experiencing some kind of pain allot of the time we dont even want to be touched let alone forced in anyway, it simply doesnt make sense to move towards pain in this manner.

Bowen Therapy honours the wisdom of the bodies own in- built healing system therefore working to respectfully and patiently ease its way in to gently assist towards the contracted and tense areas to help find the right solution and response. My experience of Bowen Therapy and from that which i have witnessed with my own clients is that Bowen sets up a communication with the Autonomic nervous system which is responsible for us either being in fight and flight or for us to be in a natural state of Being and rest.

This communication not only creates an unwinding and unravelling effect through the soft tissue also known as Fascia and to the muscles on a superficial and deep level but even more profoundly  the effect of the bowen moves on the autonomic system acts like a kind of kick start to that within us that knows how to heal itself naturally. The Bowen moves are also very energetic which also contribute to this healing process and to why it is so important to approach the body with gentleness.

So if there is an innate wisdom within the body to know how to heal itself why does it not just do it?

Allot of the time we can see clearly how the body is naturally doing this like for example when we cut ourself straight away there is process the body knows to go into and eventually a scab is formed, it just does that by itself!!! However when it comes to other more common conditions like Back pain for instance there are some other added complexities to be considered which have a confusing effect on our bodies and one of them is our psychological states.

How we are emotionally and mentally in our daily life does have a large effect on how we are physically and is often the very cause of our pain. The more we feel stress the further away it takes us from our bodies creating some kind of a Dis-connect and this is not natural we were not designed to live separate from our body and so the result  over time is imbalance and disharmony.

When we can begin to truly understand that disease is us living in a Dis – ease within then that is the beginning of real healing taking place and this is how I see the Bowen Technique working and it is also why Bowen can be so effective towards most conditions.

You could say that the Client the Practitioner and the Bowen itself work closely together Co- Creating and integrating Harmony, Balance and wholeness innevitably leading to True Holistic Health and Wellbeing.

I hope that i have been able to shine some light on what the Bowen Technique is and that you feel informed enough to try it for yourself or recommend it others you may feel would benefit from it. If you are living in the Devon Area i would be very happy to meet you for a treatment.

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What is the Bowen Technique?

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What is the Bowen Technique?

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