Tarot Coaching Consultations

A valuable Ancient old navigation tool

To help us Anchor into the Truth of where you have been, what is going on presently, and where it is you are heading.

What is Tarot Coaching?

In the same way that you may go to see a life or spiritual coach for guidance, direction, tools, understanding, and inspiration, Tarot coaching also speaks to all of these things plus with the messages and meanings of the cards combined with intuition we can get much more clarity about the energies that are working with you and the paths that are unfolding for you.

Its a bit like when you go to the Doctor with symptoms we know they can only do the basic checks but they can’t really know, so they arrange for you to have a specific scan or test that will give many more angles of perception, precision, orientation, depth, and information aligned with what is going on more specifically within the whole process in order to know more accurately how and in which way to move forward.

In the distant past Tarot card readers and readings were used for entertainment and/or were seen to be something very mystical by nature perhaps even psychic and it is true that the cards can be mystical sometimes and the reader may have psychic abilities but it is very important to say here that we need to have a much more grounded approach to how Tarot Coaching can truly be of help to us in our life journey today.

How can it help me?

When we are immersed in life especially if we are experiencing suffering, fear, confusion, and overwhelm we know it can be very difficult to be fully clear about what we are doing or what is going on in the present, we can miss the milestones we have attained however big or small and can completely lose sight of how we want our future to look and what is required from us now to get there.

With the guidance of the cards, we can often clearly see the recent past, the present time, and the future which usually spans out within a 2-year time frame. We can see when you may need to pay heed to powerful poignant messages that if employed and understood can bring about great shifts of transformation, confirmation, preparation, deep contemplation, inspiration and initiation.

We can know when we might need to exercise more caution or patience when it’s a time to grow our knowledge base, start a new project, dig deeper for strength, and willpower, be prepared, follow through with new ideas, let go into love, identify what we heartfully need, be creative, take action and when it is time to know the truth of something or begin a new path and really just so much more………

The Many cycles and seasons of life often lead us to a point where we simply are not sure what to do, this can often be a painful and confusing place, we know if we have a legal problem we see a lawyer, if it’s financial we see an accountant but for deeper sensitive human issues where the land can seem baron with no signposts to be found this is when Tarot coaching can become like a dear friend or guide to shed some important light on what is happening now and for the path ahead.

Who is it for?

Tarot coaching is not for fun or for the faint-hearted, it is my deep intention to help people who are looking for transformation and change you could say it is for those who realize they do not have the luxury of time and so, therefore, take their steps in life seriously, it is for those seekers who want to grow and evolve and understand themselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally and in communion with others, it is for those who have decided they want to now take action, face the truth of things, make wise choices and decisions and begin to use their energy wisely and efficiently.

If it was just today that you realized this it matters not because from here on know that you now have guidance working for you and by you desiring more from your life you now have the conscious power to take charge of it, you being here now is the beginning of that!

There is a beautiful saying within the indigenous tribes which I believe really sums this up.

What can I expect?

Our meeting will happen on Zoom, it will be recorded so you can just be present and it will last up to 1 hour.

Before we meet I will connect to you and pull a 15 card spread with you in mind, you may have given me a question/s beforehand if not no problem, I will just work with what the cards want to convey in fact I feel it is better that way as what is most important for you to know will reveal itself and within that answers and revelations can occur.

We will begin with a small grounding exercise that will help us feel centered and present then I will discuss the cards with you and what I feel their meanings and messages are conveying regarding the recent past, present time, and future. It is important to understand that this is a 2-way dialogue, where I will ask you questions and vice versa, it is my intention that this will be a safe, caring, helpful, honest and kind communication, and it is precisely this sharing that occurs between us which will bring the cards alive and helps me to be more intuitive and accurate and for you to feel more closely aligned, aware and optimistic with yourself and with what is wanting to reveal itself during our time together.

Additional things that may occur in the session because I am also a professional natural health and wellbeing practitioner, is that if I feel or see that it is relevant I may offer some guidance, techniques, practices, or suggestions on other things that might be aligned and valuable for you to consider, experience or bring into your daily life.

What I don’t deal with?

I do not advise or read cards for any Legal, financial or Medical matters.

How do I book & what is the cost?

In the first instance please email me at tarotcoach00@yahoo.com with your for request a Tarot Coaching Session
The Cost of a session is £45.00 which can be managed through Paypal or Bank transfer.
The Bowen Technique In Devon

Melanie has such an amazing gift of delivering the Tarot card reading. 
During our session, I appreciated her clear and concise style of delivering the information, and I was put at ease with her gentle approach. 
Although there was a lot happening with changes and transformation for me; she assured me that I can listen to my heart (intuition) and trust that the truth is being shown to me! Stay in the flow and let it organically unfold…
Thank you Melanie for offering your calm confident guidance through the Tarot cards. I’m looking forward to our next session!!  ?
In gratitude,


I was so intrested in the reading today—I have been so excited and looking forward to it and you did not disappoint! It reinforced a lot of where I’ve been, where I’m at, and was optimistic for the future—with life bumps in the road.

You were really clear with the explanations and what you understood to be there. I could tell you put a lot of thought into the cards before we met, and I appreciated your care and open-mindedness as you laid them out. And also your curiosity to look further without jumping to conclusions. I feel these traits will stand you in good stead as you continue this practice.

Your approach, as more of a coach, is well-suited, I think, as it’s more pragmatic, less esoteric with the interaction with the client. I can imagine it helps you too, as you see things when you lay out the cards, and they develop a deeper/clearer meaning when mixed with the client’s input.

Thank you for the time and energy you put into my reading today, and I look forward to listening to the recording as I look at the cards. It’s great you sent both of those to me—modern technology expands an old ritual. Brilliant really.

Lowrey Mumford


I had my first ever tarot reading with Melanie and didn’t really know what to expect. All I can say is WOW! I had shivers running down my arms when she read my spread. The past and present readings were bang on which gave me great faith in the reading. And Melanie herself is so gentle, open, loving, and apparently highly intuitive. I absolutely recommend consulting her. 



Melanie´s reading was meaningful, easy, and magical -especially when she talked so accurately about areas in my life that she had no idea about. The magic began with the acknowledgement of the self-work that I have been doing in the last years (and of course… how did she know!).
If I had to define the reading in a couple of words, I would choose the words: clarity and certainty. In my recent past, it gave me clarity on why it was important to do what I did, and the certainty that I did not “make up” those reasons.  In my present time, it gave me the certainty that I am on the right path and clarity and awareness around aspects in my life that I want to be attentive to right now. 
And in the future, which I describe usually as dark and uncertain, it was like a lantern pointing at the possibilities of the most important things going on in my life right now, and at the tools that will very likely help me have a better experience.



Melanie blew my mind away with the reading she gave me. It spanned from recent history to a year ahead and every detail I could relate to. The accuracy was quite thrilling really as I’d never had my cards done before. As a Holistic healthcare professional, I was impressed at the knowledge and intuitive understanding of me that Melanie could quite clearly garner from my reading.

We had never met but I felt she knew me really well, so accurate was the deck. It detailed recent obstacles and areas of growth that were so helpful to me as it confirmed my journey and helped me feel prepared and excited for the road ahead. I will be back for more as I felt it took some of the guesswork out of the rollercoaster ride we call life. Thanks Melanie

Helen Holland